About Me

Welcome to North-South Communications’ public conversation site—your key resource for the latest perspectives in Cultural Intelligence!

My name is Jason Berman and this site is your forum as much as mine. I do not own it—we do.

On the business side, the goal of North-South Communications is to offer innovations to improve global integration and inclusion in both the workplace and marketplace. I sincerely want to hear from you. I want to know what you want—and how we as a community can help you attain it!

Although born in the United States, I consider myself a citizen of Planet Earth. My specialty is to apply Cultural Intelligence to diversity programs, multicultural marketing and corporate social responsibility programs (CSR). To better understand customers, one can draw upon resources that speak their language and walk the soil of their native land. Think of me as a cross-cultural tailor who makes your message “fit” these resources. Thus, I am intensely passionate about sharing the insights gleaned from my 20+ years of cross-cultural consulting experience in the Americasfrom North to South and back again.

In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I am the founder of Fundación Linnæus based in Venezuela, and currently serve on the Board of Directors of GDIF, the Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation.