Globalism Is Just a Phone Call Away

12 01 2012

I love globalism. I love that I can learn Chinese for free and have customers in China. I love that our planet’s communications infrastructure can reach anywhere because it is Standardized. But it’s the small things—ones that add up to personal style—that most touch my heart. I love that Alaskans make phone booths of ice. I love that I can have customers send me their photos of Iguaçu Falls with a rainbow connecting Brazil to Argentina. I love very strong coffee that I can make from Guatemalan beans. I love my Australian male accented Garmin nüvi GPS. What a great co-pilot he is! Let’s face it, globalism is to style what exponents are to numbers.

As we know from biology, difference is a prerequisite for evolution. We must be fruitful and diversify. Explore every corner. Think sustainably. That is why I identify as a citizen of Planet Earth. Our species has a common mission. We have pursued it intently for some 35,000 years, since the time of the first cave paintings. Humanity’s primary purpose is to create difference—to sprawl with our creativity. And to share with others. So when I discover an icon of earthliness I am grateful to share with my fellow Earthies.

Why, one may ask, do I help create Standards if diversity is so vital? First, they make leapfrogging easier for less industrialized societies. Second, they bring the entire world to our doorstep. I champion strategies to deliver difference, and Standards serve as a Rosetta Stone. They allow us to wire up, stand up and speak up. Standards for linking up technologies empower us all, and technology transfer is a wonderful calling for diversity professionals like myself. Instead of teaching a village to fish—I can teach it to teleconference with solar power and wireless. They already know how to fish.

As always, I welcome all comments.

Jason Berman




4 responses

13 01 2012
Toshiba A5-S136 Battery

I want to FINISH learning 3 more languages..that would look sooo good on my resume. maybe I’ll buy that Rosetta Stone….hmmm

14 01 2012

Hello Jason,

Wish you a very happy, healthy, meaningful, eventful and prosperous New Year.

What an enlightening article you have written. I just love the way you have explained ‘Globalism’ to us.

Thank you for informing us with your research findings.

I look forward to receiving more of your cultural blogs as you know that I promote Indian music, arts and culture abroad.

With warmest regards,



15 01 2012
Iris B.

Hi Jason – first, love that ice-box phone, for the very hardy! Lovely blog, keep up the good cross-cultural work and I shall spread the news!
Multi-culti chick

15 01 2012
North-South Communications

Thanks so much! I have lots more culturally intelligent posts on the way!

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